Automation Systems for Commercial HVAC

If you are a businessowner looking to save on heating and cooling costs, make sure you find a commercial HVAC contractor that offers high standard energy-efficient solutions. Some HVAC companies offer automation systems for shops, offices, malls, and more, that are designed to mimize power consumption.

When it comes to automation systems, trusted HVAC companies will tell you that the key to maximizing system performance is not just about selecting the right brand and model of equipment. It is also largely about customizing heating and cooling system specifications according to your facility’s requirements.

Factors like the size of the room, daily usage and energy consumption, and overall heating and cooling performance are only some aspects to keep in mind when it comes to customizing HVAC. By fully addressing these areas, businessowners can expect better indoor air quality, increased energy-efficiency, and longer service life.

Make sure that the contractors you hire to install automation systems for your HVAC are factory trained and certified. With their knowledge and skill, you can rest assured that the contractors can expertly handle the job.

Other viable options to save more on commercial HVAC power consumption include electric motor replacements and air side system alterations. Find out more about reducing energy costs with automation systems by asking your local HVAC contractor. 


The Need for AC Maintenance

A business owner set on protecting investments know the importance of maintaining utilities in top working condition. More often than not, cooling systems do not receive regular maintenance, leading to sudden malfunctioning or under performance. Commercial air conditioners play a vital role in the comfort level of any establishment,  regular maintenance is absolutely necessary in keeping good indoor air quality.

Cooling systems should be checked at least twice a year for any hidden issues that needs to be solved before a problem presents itself. Scheduled maintenance can also help extend the lifespan of the equipment so a replacement won’t be necessary even after many years. Sometimes merely cleaning or replacing a few parts is all it takes to avoid costlier problems.

Depending on how often and how hard the air conditioning system is working, the filters should also be changed at least every three months. Debris and other particles in the air stay on the filter and, in time, may clog up the system causing high energy consumption, and, eventually, system failure. With clean filters, the system uses less energy and performs well.

Another thing commercial property owners should remember is when to retire an air conditioning system. If the system needs to be constantly repaired, it might be wiser and more cost-efficient to have a new system installed.