Air Conditioning Tips to Ensure a Cool Summer

Farmer’s Almanac predicts that the 2014 summer will be exceptionally hot across much of North America. Stay ahead of the curve by having your commercial air conditioner inspected and maintained by an HVAC professional to keep them from breaking down during the intense heat. After the HVAC professional does his job, there are a few rules of thumb to help you keep your unit from failing during the hot summer months:

Make sure your air filters are clean

A dirty filter hampers air flow and stresses the AC system. If the filter becomes too dirty, it can block airflow completely, causing the coil to become a block of ice. At that point, the damage will be extensive, and your repairs expensive.

Never lower your thermostat to below 68 degrees

It is a common misconception that the lower your thermostat, the faster the space will cool. However, setting your thermostat below 68 will cause the AC system to constantly run, which like a dirty air filter, will lead to excessive stress on the AC system, a frozen coil, and restricted air flow.

These are two of the most common problems that cause an AC system to break down. For any AC issues, don’t hesitate to call an HVAC professional immediately.


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