Tips in Choosing an HVAC Contractor: Pre-Search

There are numerous HVAC contractors with glowing ads about their service in the market, and it can get tough just trying to pick out the right one for the job. Here are simple tips to narrow down your list.

Don’t assume that all contractors are pretty much the same

Why? Because they simply aren’t. Variations do exist in heating and air contractor competence and ethics. While many of them are reputable in their own right, some simply may not have the business systems in place to properly serve a consumer’s specific needs or demands. Before choosing one out of many, find out first what you need and the job that needs immediate attention, then narrow down your choices to the contractors that specialize on the problem at hand.

Study up

Research on the license and insurance requirements for HVAC contractors in a specific locale before calling up prospects. Weigh in on the initial choices and judge how they aptly qualify for professional practice, given the laws in effect. Also, to ensure that the correct repair is performed, a customer should make it a point to know the type of HVAC system he currently has, as well as its maintenance history.

Ask for referrals

A truly dependable contractor is bound to have a good name, and his services recommended by satisfied previous clients through positive word-of-mouth. Close friends, neighbors, and next-of-kin are good sources of information for referrals. Local trade organizations that recognize quality contractor workmanship are also good places to start.


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