Why Air Conditioning is Crucial for Drug Storage

If you’ve ever taken certain medications in your life—say, conventional prescription cough syrups—you’ve likely read some instructions for proper storage on their labels. A lot of drug labels typically recommend that the substance be stored at room temperature and avoid exposure to high temperatures. But what happens when medicines are actually stored above room temperature?

They lose their effectiveness, as well as endanger appliances and furniture. Continue reading


Air Conditioning Tips to Ensure a Cool Summer

Farmer’s Almanac predicts that the 2014 summer will be exceptionally hot across much of North America. Stay ahead of the curve by having your commercial air conditioner inspected and maintained by an HVAC professional to keep them from breaking down during the intense heat. After the HVAC professional does his job, there are a few rules of thumb to help you keep your unit from failing during the hot summer months: Continue reading