Why Air Conditioning is Crucial for Drug Storage

If you’ve ever taken certain medications in your life—say, conventional prescription cough syrups—you’ve likely read some instructions for proper storage on their labels. A lot of drug labels typically recommend that the substance be stored at room temperature and avoid exposure to high temperatures. But what happens when medicines are actually stored above room temperature?

They lose their effectiveness, as well as endanger appliances and furniture. Continue reading


Air Conditioning Tips to Ensure a Cool Summer

Farmer’s Almanac predicts that the 2014 summer will be exceptionally hot across much of North America. Stay ahead of the curve by having your commercial air conditioner inspected and maintained by an HVAC professional to keep them from breaking down during the intense heat. After the HVAC professional does his job, there are a few rules of thumb to help you keep your unit from failing during the hot summer months: Continue reading

Cooling a Detached Garage

Some commercial properties across the country will have a detached garage for their motor pool. In many cases, your team may want to service vehicles in a confined space without any distractions. However, the long hours of working with vehicles combined with the outside heat may make for a dangerous health situation, meaning it may need its own commercial air conditioning system installed.

Location is essential when you are setting up the air conditioning for the garage. First, measure the total area for the garage and run up the numbers with your preferred contractor. Some air conditioning experts recommend simply linking the main facility’s HVAC system to the garage. However, considerations with assembling extra ductwork may be impractical unless the garage is close enough to the facility and the HVAC system is more powerful to allow extra channeling of load.

If your garage has a flat roof, you may consider installing the air conditioning system up there. Ask your structural engineer if the facility’s original specifications allow for extra weight topside; your HVAC contractor can task a skilled roofing contractor with the job to ease the process.

In the end, setting up a commercial air conditioning system for a motorpool garage will be plus points for your employees. Think about it: they will have a place to fall back to when the heat’s unbearable, and you will get to enjoy increased productivity.

DOE Wants to Help You Improve Your Commercial HVAC Systems Efficiency

Our AEE chapter meeting in January was the kick off meeting for the George Washington University’s new student chapter. The speaker was Ms. Karen Butler, EPA’s National Manager Commercial Building Design Initiative – Energy Star.

As you might imagine, EPA’s interest in efficient building design and operation is to promote the reduction of energy consumption and the avoidance of the pollution that results from producing the unnecessary energy. The ‘Target Finder Tool’ is part of the EPA’s ‘Energy Star Portfolio’ a collection of no cost, on line tools that can help you design more energy efficient buildings, track their performance and compare them to similar, energy efficient commercial air conditioners, facilities.

Signs You Need a New Commercial Air Conditioner

Commercial air conditioners are a technological marvel as these units are powerful enough to regulate the ambient temperature of gigantic structures like malls, stadiums, and concert halls. However, commercial air conditioners are still air conditioners at their very essence. As such, even the sturdiest commercial air conditioners will start to break down at one point.

Fortunately, commercial air conditioners exhibit several subtle warning signs once they near the end of their useful life. With that in mind, be sure to keep an eye out for the following signs:

High Energy Bills

As a commercial air conditioner nears the end, it has to start using more energy to maintain the desired temperature, resulting in higher energy bills. Obviously, your energy bills are much larger than the bill of a residential unit, but you should keep an eye out for constant increases in your energy bill.

Frequent Repairs

In an effort to save money, you might try to have your unit repaired by a professional HVAC technician. All this really does is buy time. Once your air conditioning unit starts breaking down every so often, it is probably time to have the unit replaced.

If your commercial air conditioner is exhibiting the signs mentioned above, do not hesitate to call a commercial HVAC contractor for an estimate for a new unit. The sooner you call, the faster your customers will stop complaining about the building being warm.

Commercial AC Unit Repair and Maintenance Tips

Many business owners are having difficulty keeping their establishments comfortable and energy-efficient at the same time. While you aim to reduce costs or save on your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, it is more important to ensure the comfort of your building; particularly where people come to make a purchase. You must not disregard the essence of having safe and fully-operational commercial air conditioners.

Regular maintenance and immediate repair are keys to long-lasting commercial HVAC systems. Well-maintained and properly functioning AC units promote a healthy, safe, and productive workplace. So don’t put off the need for repairs and regular preventive maintenance, particularly when you aim to prolong your AC units’ service life while reducing energy consumption and avoid costly breakdowns that can result in premature replacement.

You can entrust cleaning condenser coils and air filters to your housekeeping personnel. However, it’s still more practical to let the experts do the job. From annual or quarterly preventive maintenance to repairs and tune-ups, a credible commercial HVAC contractor could provide appropriate, immediate, and cost-effective solutions.

Look for highly qualified contractors that can cater to your specific air conditioning needs while taking your budget into account. A lot of contractors offer various commercial HVAC repair and maintenance services, but only a few actually live up to their claims.

The Need for AC Maintenance

A business owner set on protecting investments know the importance of maintaining utilities in top working condition. More often than not, cooling systems do not receive regular maintenance, leading to sudden malfunctioning or under performance. Commercial air conditioners play a vital role in the comfort level of any establishment,  regular maintenance is absolutely necessary in keeping good indoor air quality.

Cooling systems should be checked at least twice a year for any hidden issues that needs to be solved before a problem presents itself. Scheduled maintenance can also help extend the lifespan of the equipment so a replacement won’t be necessary even after many years. Sometimes merely cleaning or replacing a few parts is all it takes to avoid costlier problems.

Depending on how often and how hard the air conditioning system is working, the filters should also be changed at least every three months. Debris and other particles in the air stay on the filter and, in time, may clog up the system causing high energy consumption, and, eventually, system failure. With clean filters, the system uses less energy and performs well.

Another thing commercial property owners should remember is when to retire an air conditioning system. If the system needs to be constantly repaired, it might be wiser and more cost-efficient to have a new system installed.