Keeping Warm and Cool: Commercial HVAC Systems

When working in an office, you want to be comfortable. One of the key components of comfort is being either warm during cold days or cool during hot ones. This is where having a commercial HVAC system installed in your building is useful.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has strict standards for the HVAC systems that ventilate buildings. It specifies the comfort zone of 68 degrees F to 75 degrees F for the winter season and 73 degrees F to 79 degrees F during summer. The humidity levels of the air should be at 50%, and the air should be moving at 30 feet per minute or slower. Continue reading


Tips in Choosing an HVAC Contractor: Pre-Search

There are numerous HVAC contractors with glowing ads about their service in the market, and it can get tough just trying to pick out the right one for the job. Here are simple tips to narrow down your list.

Don’t assume that all contractors are pretty much the same

Why? Because they simply aren’t. Variations do exist in heating and air contractor competence and ethics. While many of them are reputable in their own right, some simply may not have the business systems in place to properly serve a consumer’s specific needs or demands. Before choosing one out of many, find out first what you need and the job that needs immediate attention, then narrow down your choices to the contractors that specialize on the problem at hand. Continue reading

HVAC Retrofitting Helps Save Buildings Money

There’s no denying that heating and cooling a home is expensive. Now, imagine what it costs to keep a comfortable temperature inside government buildings, malls, high rises, and other commercial structures.

Indeed, all commercial property owners know that while HVAC systems are vital to maintaining ideal indoor temperature, they are also big consumers of electricity and, by extension, money. However, the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a government research laboratory overseen by the Department of Energy, notes that large buildings can save 25%-35% on their heating and cooling costs by retrofitting their current HVAC systems. Continue reading

Variable Frequency Drives in Single Zone Rooftop HVAC Units as Installed by Commercial HVAC Contractors

As Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) become more affordable, there are more applications where their energy savings make them economically viable. One relatively new use is the control of evaporator blowers in single zone rooftop units. The fan energy savings are obvious, especially if you are familiar with fan energy consumption (fan laws). A fan running at one-half speed uses one-eighth of the energy of a fan running at full speed. In addition, the lower air flow across the evaporator coil results in the air being cooled to a lower temperature, which in turn removes more moisture, lowering the humidity in the space. If you have commercial HVAC specialists add VFDs to your equipment, you can obtain additional savings by raising the cooling setpoint since the occupants may be just as comfortable at a slightly higher temperature with the lower humidity.

Commercial HVAC Services Provider Launches Newly Redesigned Website

Altus Corporation is proud to launch their newly redesigned website to improve the overall browsing experience of visitors when looking up their services. The company offers honest and reliable commercial HVAC repair and replacement options to customers in most of the Eastern United States, including New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and Maryland, among other states.

The website, redesigned by TripleE Fusion, now has a cleaner and fresher look that makes it easier for readers to learn more about the company. The overhaul starts with the updated logo that still uses the same red and gray colors but represents the movement of air in HVAC better and features a cleaner sans-serif font type. In every page, the banner now indicates the toll-free number and has a button that links to the contact page for immediate access to the company’s contact details.