Keeping Warm and Cool: Commercial HVAC Systems

When working in an office, you want to be comfortable. One of the key components of comfort is being either warm during cold days or cool during hot ones. This is where having a commercial HVAC system installed in your building is useful.

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has strict standards for the HVAC systems that ventilate buildings. It specifies the comfort zone of 68 degrees F to 75 degrees F for the winter season and 73 degrees F to 79 degrees F during summer. The humidity levels of the air should be at 50%, and the air should be moving at 30 feet per minute or slower. Continue reading


Commercial AC Units and the Value of Maintenance

Like other systems and equipment, air conditioners, particularly the commercial types, also reach a point where their efficiency and performance dip. If left unattended, this could translate in many different problems that may affect the comfort of the people inside the building, as well as the company’s energy consumption. Surely, you can easily call a professional to repair your units, but why wait for it to reach that point if you can avoid it through preventive maintenance? Continue reading